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  Welcome to Nemo Euler's place on the web!
  On these pages I'll tell you about my books, also about stuff, pursuits and silliness in Second Life.
  Nemo lives in Second Life - a new media, a reality revolution... a massive online virtual world, where I have all sorts of things going on - besides being a busy writer.

Nemo Euler writing on PC
  If you want to meet Nemo, go into Second Life and send me a message - an IM.
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I have been asked about my author's pseudonym several times, why I chose to let it be my avatar in Second Life. Let me explain:
Since my real-life name is impossible for international publishing, and for other reasons as well, I wanted a pen name, so I thought, why not let Nemo be the writer and create a Second Life existence with Nemo as a writer. I thought it'd be cool, and also a funny gimmick! Not many writers have a "real" and living character as their pseudonym – somebody you can actually meet and talk to and fool around with... so Nemo is a writer in Second Life, besides being a builder and a member of the KWO outlaw family, and my friends friend. On my Amazon author's page, on my website, on Facebook and everywhere else, I present these as facts and real.


The paperback version of Luck is available in all Amazon stores, as is the e-book versions: Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PC and Mac.


Below is the cover and the blurb of my full size novel, Luck, 304 pages long – took me around one-and-a-half year to write it.
It also took me an awfully long time to make the artwork for the cover, to decide about and design the characters and their looks, the expressions on their faces.
In the foreground you see Thozan Vinnavan, 'The Sky Lord', in the middle, 'Boy' Gabriall, and behind him Tontonn.
LUCK cover
LUCK back cover
5 stars

read from Luck

The Luck Saga

Adventure, action and romance across two galaxies as they collide and merge
On planet Luck Prime a boy is born. He is named Gabriall and it is his fate to change the destiny of two galaxies... but he cannot do it alone!


volume one of
The Luck Saga
Gabriall, now a cadet at The Rider Academy, and his Ridemate, Tontonn, are trained to mind-mesh with self-aware intelligent machines and to fly the mighty Steel Hornets.

A near-fatal crash with his Hornet leaves Cadet Gabriall stranded on the beach of a remote deserted island. He is rescued by The Sky Lord, Thozan Vinnavan, and it is love at first sight...

The three young men grapple with their emotional bonds until they join forces and take to space in Thozan Vinnavan's amazing Intergalactic Starship.
While exploring the outer reaches of a solar system, they encounter the overwhelmingly potent and mysterious alien powers that will prove to be the challenge of their lives!


The Black Moon
vol. 2 of The Luck Saga
by Nemo Euler
in English
Paberback & e-book

Nemo's Books

Adventure and action
Guys falling in love
LUCK cover, small
by Nemo Euler
in English, 302 pages

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The Black Moon
vol. 2 of The Luck Saga
by Nemo Euler
in English
Paberback & e-book

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