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Welcome to Nemo's
Nemo Euler
  Welcome to Nemo Euler's!
On these pages I will tell you about my books, also about stuff, pursuits and silliness in Second Life.
  Nemo lives in Second Life - a new media, a reality revolution... a massive online virtual world, where I have all sorts of things going on - besides being a busy writer.

Nemo Euler writing on PC
  If you want to meet Nemo, go into Second Life and send me a message - an IM.
You can find me in 'Search'.



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Sadao Hasegava

Sadao Hasegawa
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the art of
Sadao Hasegawa

160 paintings and drawings.
Hosted by Kristian F. Power

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Nemo's life and galleries

Nemo lives in Second Life - a new media, a reality revolution...
For the first time in history you can live two lives!
In SecondLife you can create almost anything - as long as you can imagine it! That's why so many artists live partially in Second Life - painters, sculptors, film-makers, architects, authors, musicians, photographers and many more.
Nemo Euler is an avatar in Second Life, a massive online virtual world, where he has all sorts of stuff going on. Among other things - and apart from being a busy and diligent writer - he builds lighthouses and fine mansions by the sea. He fools around with his friends and his boy, they dance to trance and house - and shop of course, let's not forget shopping!
When skirmishing in the fictitious world of Gor, his weapon of choice is a fine supple longbow - he is an archer, and terrible with a sword, let's just admit it... He obviously has a grapple-hook on his belt, a coil of rope and a collar, too, should he take a captive...

Resident in Second Life since December 2007.


Building! It's nearly as good as sex...
Nemo is an avid builder, and in Second Life you can create almost anything - as long as you can imagine it!
That's why so many artists live partially in Second Life.

Photos of Homes, light-houses and stuff Nemo build


is a large, fictious Role Play world inside of Second Life. It is based on the 30 Gorean novels by John Norman.
Gor is a planet opposite Earth, on the other side of the sun, hidden.

Most agree that the Gor novels are pretty badly written, but never-the-less they draw up a richly textured cultur, and have thus become the template for diversified role-playing communities - hugely disputed communities, both by the people inside and outside. But remember, everybody are in Gor by choice and by their own free will to role-play, and many are there to explore trust, especially the ones who have chosen the roles of kajirae (slaves).

If you go strictly by the books women are - with some exceptions - submissive slaves controlled by their men.
The LGBT faction of Gor dosn't agree with that worldview and grant women equal rights, if they want them - many don't, though.
Nemo and his Kajirus, Roni, are the proud members of such an outlaw family, The Kalana Woods Outlaws, KWO.

Photos from Nemo's Gorean album



life is all about people - family friends and loved ones...
Photos from Nemo's People album

Nemo's Books

Adventure and action
Guys falling in love.
LUCK cover
by Nemo Euler
in English, 302 pages

5 stars

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The Black Moon
vol. 2 of The Luck Saga
by Nemo Euler
in English

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