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Galen Dudec rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Dec. 2012,
Just finished this book after having found it here on GoodReads.
I love Sci-Fi and especially Sci-Fi with a gay/MM subplot. Unfortunately there are not many of those around in which the science part is creditable and well described, but this is one of them.
I love this story and I love the characters. The romance part is good and sweet. The science and the world created is well described and has a solid foundation - believable and good Sci-Fi/MM Romance!

Joseph rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Dec. 2012,
Great gay SciFi adventure... I love it and hope for book 2 soon!
Cris Gross rated it:  4 stars  5 stars  Dec. 2012, 12,
I thought it was a pretty cool story. I can't wait for the next book. Hope it comes out soon.
Paolo rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Nov. 2012,
I like this book a lot. It is not perfect there are sometimes a good deal of information, but it is sci-fi so what. I like the persons a lot and the story is very good. Good sci-fi and gay romance. Read it.
Stefan Ruiz rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Nov. 2012,
My friend Paolo gave me this book to read a few days ago and asked what I think of it. You have to fall a little in love with Boy Ton and Thozan. There is a fair amount of info in places, but it is sci-fi and I think you need to know most of those things, so I think it's ok (if you're not used to reading sci-fi you might not agree). If you only read M/M for the sex scenes this is probably not a book for you. It's a good story. It has some flaws, but I give it 5 stars anyway because I really like it...
Kirk Arthur rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Nov. 2012,
I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next installment. I liked the science fiction aspects of the book and you could almost feel bits and pieces of Asimov's "Foundation" series embedded. The constructs, the AI were all cool and well constructed.
I also like that it wasn't all hung up on the sex part, yes it was there, but the plot is not an excuse to string along different sex scenes. I thought it was fun.

Jette rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Oct. 2012,
Gay science fiction. A sweet romance that near the end turns into a threesome. Good, believable world-building.
Tomais rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Aug. 2012,
This review is from: LUCK (The Luck Saga) (Kindle Edition) I much enjoyed what I hope will be the first book in a long series. The characters and well written and engaging, and the world of Luck itself is well crafted with an interesting human subculture. Explanations and backstory are given in due course without detracting from the overall arc of the main plotline itself. I really enjoyed the character of Gesaia, Thozan's sentient starship. It was a fun read and my only complaint (if it might be considered as such) is that I have to wait for the next book to see what happens next with Boy, Ton, Thozan, and Gesaia. :-)
An excellent debut by Nemo - I am looking forward to the next book in the Luck Saga!

Gen Gurbux rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Aug. 2012,
This book by Nemo Euler -- apparently his first full novel -- is a story of adventure and love between two cadets, Gabriall and Tontonn, being trained at planet Luck's Rider Academy. They meet and fall in love, but their romance is thrown into turmoil when Thozan, an explorer from the stars, enters the scene. Gabriall, also called Boy, falls in love with Thozan. Tontonn will now have to accommodate himself as one of a threesome. Thozan takes the boys up to his spaceship and the three begin their exploration of the two moons, Moman and Bis. The book ends with an exciting space adventure, setting up volume two, which i eagerly await.
I liked the book very much. It is a fun book. The story kept me glued to the pages throughout and the writing is beautiful. While there are some common elements with other books, human romance being one of them, there are some unique features to this book, as well, which signals the creativity of the author. The characters are likable, especially Boy who is a sweet and vulnerable young man.

Nelix Jupiter rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Aug. 2012,
As far as I know, this is Nemo's first published work. So I would say, Well Done, A great start. In the vein of many Sci Fi Novels that are well known. The same power to captivate the imagination of many, who, like myself enjoy escaping to another time & place. But also with a thread of eroticism thrown in for good measure. Maybe, a glimpse into a future where ALL forms of sexuality are accepted for what they are, even more than where we are today..........
Publius rated it:  5 stars  5 stars  Aug. 2012,
This novel is about a youngster named Boy. He is a cadet at the national military academy of a remote planet named Luck. He is in training to ride a "steel hornet" - a self-aware, living warfare machine. At the academy he meets another cadet, Ton, and falls in love. The two of them eventually join forces with a Skylord named Thozan and the three become a team. Together with Thozan's starship, Gesaia, they begin to explore the two moons orbiting planet Luck.
The romance in this story is very sweet. It stars two good-hearted boys and the surrounding community of comrades and family who are quite supportive. Thus, the story is half romance and half science fiction. The end is exciting and surprising so I wont give it away, but it wont disappoint sci-fi fans either.
I finished the book and wanted to start on the next one right away I am hungry for the next installment of the three's adventures. The book is easy to read and follow, and well-written. Euler has a knack for describing a scene and bringing it to life.
I would recommend the book to those who like sci-fi, but also to just anyone who likes a good story.

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